Beautiful Handmade wood inlay End Grain Cutting Board. A perfect gift. The Deer is inlayed wood. No stain or engraving. End Grain is easy on knives. This can be passed down as a family heirloom as it can last for generations. 18"x12"x1.75" Walnut with Maple wood deer inlay make up this dream board.

All handcrafted cutting boards are completely food safe and environmentally friendly. No stain is used. All wood is in its natural state of color.

Cutting boards have non-slip rubber feet installed with stainless screws to prevent rusting. The feet help provide a safer more secure working area.

Food safe Mineral oil is applied to help retain the integrity of the wood against moisture and drying. A coat of Mineral Oil and Beeswax is applied before shipping to finish the board for use immediately when you receive it.

Along with maintenance and care instructions all boards are shipped with a small bottle of Mineral Oil to help your wood art cutting board last for years to come.

Hand crafted from only the finest select domestic and exotic hardwoods from around the world. We use only sustainable non-endangered hardwoods.

All our products are handcrafted. Every item will have its own unique quality. No two pieces are the same. All measurements may not be exact but very close. Photos on the website only represent the style and may vary slightly from each item.


Deer Inlay Wood Cutting Board. Perfect gift for any hunter